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Frequently Asked Questions is the fastest and easiest way to report bad driving, dangerous driving and good driving online. If you have any questions about our service, please read our compilation of frequently asked questions which are listed below.

1) Is free to use?
Yes, it's completely free to use; simply create a free account online and you can then submit incidents and rate other submitted incidents. No personal information (such as your real name, car registration or address) is requested when signing up however we do require a valid email address which serves as your login ID.
2) What are the upload limits for videos and how can I reduce the size?
Users can upload videos up to 400mb in size when submitting an incident. Even if your video is below the maximum size, you may wish to edit it so only the relevant portion related to your incident is shown. This can be achieved easily using a variety of video editing software, including Windows Movie Maker which is available as a free download as part of the Windows Essentials pack. We recommend uploading dash cam footage as this often gives the best view of the incident, but any videos (such as that from a mobile phone) can be uploaded.
3) Are incidents moderated?
No, do not manually approve incidents before they appear on our site. We rely on our users to post incidents in good faith; any users found not to be doing this will be blocked from using the site.
4) Why do some upload statistics not total correctly?
To ensure the site loads as quickly as possible, certain data on is cached and may not update immediately. This includes things like total uploads, total likes and total dislikes on user profile pages.