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Home255 GLR - Guy runs red light into my lane and calls me a bitch

255 GLR - Guy runs red light into my lane and calls me a bitch

Plate Rage Incident Details
Number Plate:
Plate Rage
255 GLR
Type: Driving
Date: 3rd May 2016
Vehicle Type: Car
Vehicle Make: Not sure
Vehicle Colour: Silver/gray
Driver Gender: Male
Incident Description
I was moving east on Sprott Street at approximately 4:40 - 4:45 May 3, 2016 when several cars rolled through their red light, turning right onto Sprott, at northbound Kinkaid (turns into Goodwin north of Sprott). I honked because I, among others, had a right of way with a green light and these drivers were causing us to brake by not stopping on red and waiting for on-coming traffic, as is the law. They think that they can just turn into the right lane, where other oncoming drivers who have the right of way are actually needing to get into. My honk must have angered the driver of BC license plate 255 GLR, because he pulled over to the left of me and rolled down his window and yelled something and called me a bitch. He was the one who broke traffic laws, not me. This intersection is dangerous because so many drivers disregard the fact they have a red light, and just turn right directly into oncoming traffic. I see near accidents almost every day. I felt intimidated and threatened by this driver (I'm a woman, he was trying to frighten me). I tried to tell him through our windows he had run a red light and was the problem, but he rolled up his window when I spoke, then made a point to speed up and get in front of everyone and come back into the lane in front of us--you know, getting a few car lengths in front of everyone else, and endangering other drivers, is totally not worth that few seconds. I honestly think a traffic cam or a no right on red needs to be put into place there. I see this problem EVERY DAY, but only once have had someone call me a bitch for honking when they pulled right in front of me from a red light.
Incident Location
Country: Canada

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