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UNKNOWN - *** Bitch Blows me away

Plate Rage Incident Details
Number Plate:
Plate Rage
Type: Driving
Date: 17th December 2016
Vehicle Type: Car
Vehicle Make: UNKNOWN
Vehicle Colour: UNKNOWN
Driver Gender: Female
Incident Description
I was stopped at an intersection in order to avoid blocking it because of traffic ahead, when a crazy blond b__ch *** lays on her horn and tears through the intersection to the right of me while displaying the middle finger and uttering inaudible profanities through the safety of her closed and locked windows and doors. What a brave and courageous person this must have been - I would have relished the opportunity to discuss the matter with this b__ch face to face, but she was gone in a flash. Montreal drivers are such brave souls, aren't they?
Incident Location
Country: Canada

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