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Home564 FLJ OR V - Avoid hicks near Justice Rd

564 FLJ OR V - Avoid hicks near Justice Rd

Plate Rage Incident Details
Number Plate:
Plate Rage
564 FLJ OR V
Type: Driving
Date: 28th February 2017
Vehicle Type: Lorry
Vehicle Make: Ford
Vehicle Colour: Bright Red
Driver Gender: Male
Incident Description
The old man in a red ford cut us off by driving in the middle of the dirt road. He kept swerving to block a pass and spraying rocks across the screen. We drove around, he flipped the bird so my bf stopped because he wanted to ask wtf was wrong with the guy. So this 60 something year old pudgy fat man starts trying to hit my bf who has his arm in a cast claiming "This Road is mine". This guy has a trailer number of V568E. This is the second time we were met with hostility on the Justice dirt road. Avoid it unless you want to deal with idiotic hicks or want a fight. Could not get picture due to all the dirt he sprayed on the Rd.
Incident Location
Country: Canada

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