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707SBM - Retarded Rager with a small ****

Plate Rage Incident Details
Number Plate:
Plate Rage
Type: Driving
Date: 22nd July 2017
Vehicle Type: Car
Vehicle Make: Mercedes
Vehicle Colour: Silver
Driver Gender: Male
Incident Description
We were driving down Walker towards Burris. A street that is divided with double solid yellow lines and comprised of about five large speed bumps within two blocks. Hmmmm...., five speed bumps spaced very close together and double solid yellow lines..., maybe the city wants drivers to drive slower down this street....? As I approached one of the speed bumps, I slowed down. (Is this not what we are supposed to do? Could this be why they are called speed bumps???). The driver of 707 SBM proceeds to tailgate me. Which I, at first, brushed off. Approaching the next speed bump, I slow down again. I didn't realize that this was offensive, but the angry East Indian man driving the Mercedes with plates 707 SBM screams out his window at me. Yes. Like a psychotic maniac. He then cuts out across the double solids, and cuts me off; only to roughly speed over the next speed bump ahead and then........, stops at the red lights at Burris. I think the headline to this incident describes it all.
Incident Location
Country: Canada

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