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236MNS - Immature and Dangerous Driver

Plate Rage Incident Details
Number Plate:
Plate Rage
Type: Driving
Date: 17th August 2017
Vehicle Type: Car
Vehicle Make: Honda
Vehicle Colour: Black
Driver Gender: Male
Incident Description
This idiot drove on the lane line beside me, almost encroaching on my lane for several blocks - I ignored him. He then cut me off quite badly. I ignored him. I was able to get into the right lane (BECAUSE I WAS GOING TO TURN RIGHT, concept, I know) and he decided for some unknown reason to not only speed up tremendously but then cut me off at the very last second and slam on the brakes. He then sped up again and cut off a semi truck. This guy is clearly a douchebag - if he's going to drive like this on public streets and treat strangers like this who have done nothing wrong but yet IGNORED his idiocy, then he should not be on the road.
Incident Location
Country: Canada

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